Our worship is relaxed and caring but retains a dignity that honours God and acknowledges Jesus Christ.

While our minister is responsible for worship, many aspects of the weekly service are shared by members. The prayers of the people are indeed captured from the worshipping community and their love and concern for Bendigo and the world we live in.

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Holy Communion is shared at worship on the first Sunday of each month.

In months with five Sundays, the fifth Sunday worship is held in the hall as café church.

Occasionally, there are combined services within the cluster, shared between Chum Street and Kangaroo Flat venues: e.g., In Holy Week, Chum Street provides a meal with a Tenebrae service of readings and reflection from the Passover-Last Supper.

Just as mining methods changed during different stages of Bendigo development, the Chum St. members are adopting changes to meet the spiritual needs of the twenty-first century, as we nurture ourselves and others who are in relationship with God and help seekers discover this relationship.